MW35 MW36 - Wind sensors: cup anemometer and windvane. Delta OHM - Mierij Meteo.

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Product Information

MW 35 and MW 36 are Industrial wind sensors that come from Mierij Meteo. The MW35 & MW36 are shock and vibration resistant and can also be used at very low ambient temperatures. They are ideally suited for application on top of wind turbines where shock and vibration can be a problem.

Other common applications include the solar energy market where wind loads might affect the solar tracking of photovoltaic panels and solar collectors. . Other applications are safety systems on construction sites, building automation, sea and air transportation, bridges, agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Delta OHM - Mierij Meteo industrial wind sensors have been tested under extreme environmental conditions (from arctic to desert climates). The embedded heater will keep the sensors ice-free at temperatures down to at least –40 ºC. The bearings are protected from dust and dirt to ensure a long, maintenance-free, operating life. Both sensors have a micro-controller, enabling the user to select the desired output, from analogue, digital (MW 35 only), frequency or serial. This unique feature makes MW 35 and MW 36 compatible with a wide range of data acquisition systems.



MW35 MW36

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