HD37AB17D - HD37AB17D and HD37B17D instrument are data loggers able to measure and memorize simultaneously.

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HD37AB17D and HD37B17D instrument are data loggers able to measure and memorize simultaneously the following parameters:
• Relative Humidity RH
• Environment temperature T
• Carbon monoxide CO (only HD37AB17D)
• Carbon dioxide CO2
HD37AB17D and HD37B17D instruments have the ability to investigate and monitor the indoor air quality.
Typical applications include checking air quality inside buildings occupied by people (schools, hospitals, auditoria, canteens, etc.); and work places to optimize the comfort and to generally check for small leaks of CO with danger of explosions or fire. This analysis allows the management of conditioning plants (temperature and humidity) and ventilation (recycle air/hour) in order to reach a double purpose: getting a good quality of the air in accordance with ASHRAE and IMC regulations and energy saving.
HD37AB17D and HD37B17D are instruments which are very useful to fight the socalled syndrome of sick building.
RH (Relative Humidity) measurement is obtained with a capacitive sensor.
T temperature is measured with a high precision NTC sensor.
The CO measurement (Carbon monoxide, only for HD37AB17D) is made by an electrochemical cell with two electrodes indicated to detect the presence of Carbon monoxide, lethal for men, in his living or working environment.
The CO2 measurement (Carbon dioxide) is obtained with a special infrared sensor (NDIR technology: Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology) that, thanks to the use of double filter and a special measurement techniques, guarantees accurate and stable measurements over time. The infrared sensor is equipped with a protection membrane which provides protection from dust particles and aggressive air agents to assure the sensor's long life.
HD37AB17D and HD37B17D are data loggers able to memorize the detected measurements at an interval set by the user.
HD37AB17D and HD37B17D are connected to the PC by USB input.
DeltaLog13 communication software via the USB port , designed to perform data transfer, data collection and recording and printing of all the instrument parameters.



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