HD2110L - Class 1 integrating sound level meter and spectral analyzer kit with advanced data logging functions and 8MB memory

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Product Information

HD 2110L Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer 
The HD2110L is a precision integrating portable sound level meter, with data logging functions, performing both spectrum and statistical analysis. The instrument has been designed in order to offer high-performance analysis of acoustic phenomena. Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjusting the instrument to regulatory modifications and to the necessity of meeting its users’ needs of today and tomorrow. The HD2110L can be integrated with other options to extend its application scope at any time; the firmware can be updated directly by the user by means of the Noise Studio program supplied with the instrument.
Technical regulations:
Class 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672-1, 2002 (Certificate of Compliance I.E.N. No. 37035-01C), IEC 60651 and IEC 60804.
Class 1 octave and third octave filters according to IEC 61260
Microphone in compliance with IEC 61094-4
Real-time octave and third octave band spectrum analysis from 16 Hz to 20 kHz,
Real-time third octave band with two filters bank: from 16 Hz to 20 kHz and from 14Hz to 18kHz (opt. HD2110.O1)
Narrow-band spectral analysis (FFT) with variable resolution from 1.5Hz to 100Hz and capture of the Leq profile at intervals of 1/32s (opt. HD2110.O6).
Statistical analysis with calculation of the probability distribution in classes from 1.5dB and of all the percentiles from L1 to L99,
Estimate of the audibility of spectral components through comparison with equal loudness curves in real time
Simultaneous storage of multi-parameter profiles, reports and records at programmable intervals associated with sound events identified automatically or manually,
Measure of the reverberation time by using the method of the interrupted source and with the method of the integration of the response to impulse (opt. HD2110.O4)
Noise monitoring with sound event capture and analysis function,
Identification of tonal components even at the standard third octave band,
Estimate of the audibility of spectral components through comparison with equal loudness curves in real time,
Measurement in workplaces and selection of the individual protection devices (methods SNR, HML and OBM),
Sound insulation and reclamation,
Production quality control and measurement of machine noise,
Architectural acoustic and building measures.


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  • VTRAPTripod, max height 1550mm
  • HD2110L
  • HD2110L
  • HD2110L

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