PM  measurement - Particulate Matter HD50PM

With the succesfuls HD50 series, Delta OHM already introduced in the market a data logger specifically for indoor measurement with built-in web server and easy to integrate in any kind of network thanks to the connection to local network via Wi-Fi or ETHERNET. The new model of the series, HD50PM, has been developped to allow data logging of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10 and typical particles size

The data can be regularly sent to an FTP address, to an HTTP server (Cloud) and via e-mail (as attachments). By configuring personalized thresholds, the data logger advise acoustically, visually and remotely through notification via e-mail when these are exceeded. The internal clock can be regularly synchronized with a NIST reference server.

Go the the prodcutpage of the HD50PM - Particulate Matter measurement made simple.

Go here for a LIVE demo of the measurement results.

  • PM  measurement - Particulate Matter HD50PM
  • PM  measurement - Particulate Matter HD50PM