Precision farming: what is it, how can Delta OHM assist you?

Precision farming, also known as precision agriculture (PA) or precision ag is a way to incorporate the use of modern technologies into farming (growing of crops or raising livestock).

We are living in an era where technology is becoming highly advanced. IoT and, in general, connectivity of all machines and devices are subjects that are getting more and more important. Looking at the agricultural market and the processes that are common in agriculture: how can this technology assist in creating better results.
First of all, to get a common understanding about this: what is precision farming? Farming, is that all about growing crops? Or is there more involved. Yes, in general everyting that had to do with live stock, growig crops and is connected to our foodchain is incorperated in this.

Precision_Farming: the use of modern technologies and communication techniques to come to better, more precise, results. When gathering data of soil, leafgrowth, use of fertilizers, exact position of livestock, of course combined with weather data, condition of groundwaterlevels, combined with GPS coordinates and analyzing that data it can generate very useful information. Precision farming, or PA, precision Agriculture, is in fact using all these ingredients to come to better results.

So how can technology assist in precision farming:

In many ways. Precision farming could mean finding precise locations. So GPS would be a help in this. But precision farming could also refer to conditions. Soil conditions that are being measured real time, conditions of rainfall at a certain location, amounts of fertilizers in particular fields…the possibilities are fairly endless. When thinking about livestock: temperatures, location, identification…selecting feeding conditions based on the information.

It is all precision farming, precision agriculture. Practically no limitations any more in getting information. Delta Ohm is one of the companies that is connected to farming and agriculture: measuring outside condition like temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind. We are the specialists when it comes to measuring. 
But also being able to log all this conditions and to present it into useful data to assist companies to control their ‘processes’. We are here to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact our specialists. Mail us or call us!

Precision farming: what is it, how can Delta OHM assist you?