Pressure measurement: overpressure, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure. What is the difference?

Pressure measurement: the various terms that are being used may be confusing. A short explanation:

1) Atmospheric pressure: the pressure 'outside'. E.g.: the average atmospheric pressure (in the Netherlands) is 1013 mbar  (which is equivalent to 76 cm Hg or 760 mm Hg or 1013 hPa or 1.013 bar or 1 atmosphere). Depends on height and depends on weather.

2) Airpressure: same as atmospheric pressure.

3) Gauge Pressure: pressure measured relative to atmospheric pressure. Most common measurement.

4) Underpressure: the pressure which is lower than atmospheric pressure. Negative value.

5) Absolute pressure: presure is measured from zero Bar (vacuum).


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