HD2050 HD2050.20 HD2050.30 - Dodecahedron Loudspeaker for building acoustics

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Product Information

To test buildings acoustic insulation, it’s necessary to use sound sources that meet the demands of specific technical ISO standards.
Delta Ohm has developed a system for the measurement of passive acoustic performances of buildings that integrates the most advanced features required for this type of equipment.
The need for high noise excitation levels, necessary to deal with increasing insulation values of modern buildings, has been made co-exist with portability and versatility among the best on the market today.
HD 2050 is a sound source composed of 12 speakers arranged in a dodecahedral chassis, capable of radiating high power sound energy in all directions with a directionality in accordance with ISO3382.
The sound source can be integrated with the digital amplification system HD 2050.20, which offers high power as well as providing an equalizer that adapts the system’s response to any more specific measurement needs.


• According to ISO 140-3, ISO 3382, UNI 11367 (D.p.c.m. 5/12/97).
• Customizable user setup with user defined equalization when used with HD 2050.20 power amplifier.
• High Power Level With 122.8 dB (LIN) re 1pW sound power level, the HD 2050 can also be used for sound insulation measures where the signal/noise ratio in the receiving room becomes critical. The linear frequency range from 80 Hz to 10 kHz (1/3 oct) can easily cover the requirements of technical standards for the measurement of acoustic insulation of buildings. In addition the spectrum extension over canonical range 100 Hz ÷ 3150 Hz makes the system HD 2050 a perfect tool also for room acoustics measurements.
The optional subwoofer HD 2050.40 further improves power and response extension at lower frequency to cover specific applications in large volume rooms.
• Versatility of use with digital amplification Power amplifier HD 2050.20 incorporates a parametric equalizer that allows to change the emission spectrum of HD 2050. With this device, specific measurement needs can be easily satisfied, such as the need to concentrate more sound power in specific areas of the acoustic frequency spectrum. The software supplied with the power amplifier, allows to customize the frequency response and then store it, in order to be loaded and activated in the dodecahedron-amplifier system when needed.
• Lightness and portability
With a weight of only 9 kg and an outer diameter of 38.5 cm, the HD 2050 is one of the lightest dodecahedron speakers on the market.
HD 2050.20 digital amplifier provides an output of more than 1000 W @ 12 ohm, and comes with an extremely rugged and lightweight flight case. The HD 2050 system is designed for in situ portability: the dodecahedron has a robust and ergonomic T shaped carrying handle.


  • HD2050 HD2050.20 HD2050.30
  • HD2050 HD2050.20 HD2050.30
  • HD2050 HD2050.20 HD2050.30
  • HD2050 HD2050.20 HD2050.30

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