Delta OHM - Mierij Meteo: the perfect combination!

Since February 2018, the activities of Mierij Meteo have been taken over by the GHM GROUP; also owner of Delta OHM.

Mierij Meteo Systems was founded in 1982, by Rijk Verheul. Over the past decades, the company has delivered many meteorological innovations and solutions to its customers and society.

One of them is the Road Condition Monitoring System. Road managers are enabled to anticipate on bad-weather conditions due to a dense network of measurement devices to monitor meteorological conditions of the roads across the country. In the beginning of the 20th century the management and maintenance of the system was transferred to the government.

The development of off-shore wind farms in the beginning of this century resulted in a demand for a Meteo-mast in the North Sea. Mierij Meteo was selected to design, build and maintain this highly advance offshore Meteo system. A combination of many sophisticated Meteo sensors was installed, combined with the required data logging systems to provide a fail-safe, redundant meteorological monitoring system to the North Sea Wind consortium.

Delta OHM - Mierij Meteo: the perfect combination!

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