HD32.1 - Microclimate datalogger mulifunctional instrument. Measuring PMV and PPD according to ISO7726, ISO7730, ISO27243, ISO11079 and ISO8996

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Product Information

Technical data HD32.1:

Thanks to specific software: Moderate environments, Hot environments, Cold environments and Discomfort, as well as specific probes, the instrument can perform the following measurements:

• Globe temperature
• Natural wet bulb temperature
• Ambient temperature
• Atmospheric pressure
• Relative Humidity
• Air velocity
• Air temperature at the height of the head (1,7m subject standing; 1,1m subject sitting).
• Air temperature at the height of the abdomen (1,1 m subject standing; 0,6m subject sitting).
• Air temperature at the height of the ankles (0,1 m).
• Temperature at the floor level.
• Net radiation temperature.
• Net radiation.
• Radiant temperature asymmetry.
• Illuminance, luminance, PAR, irradiance, CO and CO2.

According to measurements performed, HD32.1, together with its specific software, calculates the following parameters:
• tr : Mean radiant temperature
• PMV : Predicted Mean Vote
• PPD : Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied
• DR : Draught Rating
• tO : Operative temperature
• IS : Scharlau Index
• DI : Thom Index
• THI : Thermohygrometric Index
• RSI : Relative Strain Index
• SSI : New Summer Simmer Index
• HI : Heat Index
• H : Humidex Index
• Teq : Equivalent Temperature Index

To compute the calculation of these indexes, temperature and relative humidity of the air have to be detected and the measured values to be inserted in the table “Discomfort indexes”.
• WBGTIndoor : Wet bulb Globe temperature
• WBGTOutdoor : Wet bulb Globe temperature in the presence of radiation
• SWp : Sweat rate
• Ep : Predicted evaporative heat flow
• PHS : Tre - Water loss - Dlim tre - Dlimloss50 - Dlimloss95
• IREQ : Required clothing insulation
• DLE : Duration Limit Exposure
• RT : Recovery time
• WCI : Wind chill index
• PDv : Percentage Dissatisfied due to vertical temperature difference (head-ankles)
• PDf : Percentage Dissatisfied due to floor temperature
• PDΔ : Percentage Dissatisfied due to radiant asymmetry
• FLD : Average Day Light Factor
The calculation of the FLD index requires light measurement (photometric probe LP-471PHOT). Requires program “HD32.1 prog. C”

HD32.1 Kit basic: It is composed of HD32.1 instrument, A operating program:
Analysis of the Microclimate, four 1.5V alkaline batteries size C-BABY, instruction manual. The instrument includes atmospheric pressure sensor.
DeltaLog10 Basic moderate environments Software (for operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows7).


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