Calibration Centre ACCREDIA (SIT) No. 124

As one of the few manufacturers worldwide, Delta Ohm is capable to calibrate the equiment as manufactured to the highest standards. The calibration center is accredited by ACCREDIA (formerly SIT) Centre No.124. Certificates as issued are subject to the international standards for traceability (International System of Untis - SI). The center operates under the Italian laws - 273/1999 and is ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 certified.

Certifcate of Delta Ohm can be downloaded here.
Certificates as issued by us are fully accepted by international agreements

See ILAC document: mutual recognition Accredia 

Also see: European Co-operation for accreditation

Delta Ohm certified calibrations can be performed for:

Temperature - Pressure - Humidity - Air Speed - Light - Noiselevel

Delta Ohm has its own wind tunnel.

Official certificates can never be provided 'afterwards'. To make an official calibration certificate, we need the instrument to be supplied to us.

We can also perform the recalibration of your equipment, you can optionally be included in a system where your equipment is "called" by a predetermined interval.

On request, we can perform calibrations on equipment from other brands. One of the conditions here is that the instrument must have the original manual and must function properly. Feel free to ask a quote for an annual or two yearly calibration of your measurement(s).

Besides the official ACCREDIA (SIT), we provide the so-called certificates ISO9001 certificates. When you do not need a certificate to be officially traceable, this can be a good way.
Also in this case, however, a certificate must be requested at the time of order or the instrument has to be sent back for calibration.

If you need any information about the possibility of calibrations, or in case you need more details, please contact us! (085-2731917 of )