About Us

Delta OHM: manufacturer and supplier of sensors and measuring and control equipment. Our equipment is supplied to professional customers in some 60 countries. All equipment is developed by our own R & D and produced in our own factories.

Our equipment is used in many market segments. A few examples:

efficiency measurement at solar panels through pyranometers
ultrasonic wind measurement equipment for recording wind profiles in the design and construction of wind farms
sound measuring apparatus for determining the acoustic quality in buildings
transmitters and sensors for measuring and controlling the air quality in the built environment
complete meteorological stations for recording and registering bv wind, radiation and precipitation
sensors and transmitters in conjunction with building management systems (CO2, RV etc.)
Special is that Delta Ohm has not only invested in R & D and manufacturing, but also in complete ISO17025 calibration facilities for temperature, humidity, pressure, air velocity, light and sound. Everything according to internationally traceable standards (ACCREDIA -SIT- CENTRE No. 124.) And traceable to RVA.

What does this mean for you? That the equipment you buy from us meets all the quality you expect. It also means that we can supply if this is important to you your equipment. Certified Calibrations can be performed at different levels.

Quality is priority at Delta Ohm, not just of the equipment. Also the people who work for us are fully aware of it themselves. This is our "standard" that we act with quality and respond quickly to your questions.

Our headquarters in Padova, Italy
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